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Integrating E-Commerce | Email Marketing For Retail

Integrated Email Marketing For Retail  Every retailer knows Email Marketing Works. Send out a campaign and watch website traffic spike and revenue roll in.   It’s a simple process. Put together copy, update your template, select your database and send! Right? Well yes- but, with your customers being bombarded with offers in their inbox, on social Continue reading

Top 5 Email Marketing Trends in 2016

1. Mobile Optimisation  Yes, mobile optimisation has been trending in email marketing for a good many years now.  But, as of 2016, a clear majority of emails are now opened on mobile devices rather than on desktop clients.  According to Litmus, the percentage of mobile opens in 2016 is now 55%. What does that mean?  Well, Continue reading

Browse Abandon: Why Every Retail Website Needs an Automated Browse Abandon Programme

Every minute of every day across the world, there are millions of active consumers browsing e-commerce websites. These browsers will visit site after site, some with every intention of making a purchase, others not. Many of them will be anonymous to the websites they visit; that is, they won’t ever log into the sites’ e-commerce Continue reading
Social Media - Email Marketing Subscription

Growing Your Email Marketing Database

Building, growing, and nurturing an email marketing subscriber base can appear to be a difficult endeavour for any marketer, but there are some simple and effective methods to help develop an email marketing database. Website Customers arrive at your website to purchase, research, or compare. It is important to build prominent email sign-up opportunities throughout Continue reading