What’s the Secret to Successful Customer Acquisition Strategies?

Customer Acquisitions can be a difficult and costly exercise, so it’s vital that you have a detailed, streamlined plan if you want to successfully build your customer or subscriber base. We’ve found that one key area that companies tend to lack detailed focus on is their message.

To have a great service or product, should follow with a clear, consistent, and compelling email creative (eDM) to promote it. Telling the why is the central component of your marketing strategy. Why should the prospect be interested? This needs to be communicated effectively, efficiently and most importantly unambiguously in the quickest way possible. You should be able to sum up your message, what makes your company unique, and why they should subscribe/become a customer, be that with an added incentive – all in one sentence. The message needs to be balanced, with a captivating image to text ratio (not too text heavy) followed with the principal basics of a click call to action (CTA) button to be above the fold and clearly in view.

Generally, if the creative requires a few minutes to showcase what exactly your company does, and why they should subscribe to your world, you’ve already lost them. Therefore, if you don’t tailor the creative to your target market – how do you expect your data acquisition campaign to pull prospective customers in and engage them about your services or product?

If the creative is therefore pinned as one of the key elements (second to identifying the correct target market) in the data acquisition process. and not given limited focus and pushed down the pecking order, the chances of engaging with prospective subscribers and wining their attention is much easier. Further, and most importantly, it will ultimately increase the chances of a successful customer acquisition campaign.